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Smoke +

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Los Angeles, California
by Stefan Pinto


Stefan Pinto’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles (2017). It was supported by Out magazine and the Tom of Finland Foundation. The exhibition is filled with flashing-hot strobe lights and fashion focused poses that twist into sublime humanist statements of the sweetest intimacy. Bodies of all shapes and sizes are his canvas. In ‘Smoke + Mirrors,’ Stefan Pinto produces a compelling photographic survey, chronicling a post-modern age of multiracial, multicultural and gender-fluid people who inhabit Pinto’s portraits. Tap to jump to opening night photos

Exhibit Opening

Los Angeles, California
by Stefan Pinto

Stefan Pinto’s first solo exhibition opened March 4th, 2017 in Hollywood, California. It is intended to show different-bodied LGBT and LGBT-friendly people. In addition to the main exhibit, the XXX Room was a favorite among attendees: mostly NSFW but highly intimate and tender that effectively captures the vulnerability of people’s innermost desires in a compelling and gripping moment. - Wehoville
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