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DC Comics

Are you a Super Hero or
Are you a Super Villain?
An original photo series by Stefan Pinto

After a three decade-long affinity for comic books, acclaimed portrait photographer Stefan Pinto embarked on a journey to photograph his Instagram friends as DC Comics characters. In this compelling photographic survey, Pinto matched personalities and faces to those of beloved DC Comics characters. Stefan Pinto’s luminous, cinematic comic book portraits transport the viewer into a Prime-Earth existence where super heroes and super villains indeed do exist! The astonishing photography project includes -- but not limited to -- celebs (Garrett Clayton, James Maslow, Lance Bass, Naomi Grossman, the Vanderpump Rules cast, an American Idol contestant, Queer Eye ) as DC Comics characters and respective super hero teams including The Titans, Justice League and the Suicide Squad. There are over 150 images represented in this astounding project!

DC Comics: Heroes

What begin as an exercise in light study (practice), using only friends on Instagram, transformed into a fantastical photo project and ultimately became Instagram Friends as DC Comics Characters. If you’re familiar with DC Comics, then you’ll recognize characters from the Teen Titans, Justice League, the Flashpoint Paradox, the Killing Joke… initially, the individuals were matched with the likeness (and personality) of the DC Comics character. The entire project spans over 150 characters -- and took over a year. 

DC Comics: Gotham City

Featuring characters from Batman storylines including: The Killing Joke (Barbara Gordon), Hush, Injustice: Gods Among Us (Bruce Wayne), The Dark Knight (Talia Al Ghul, Commissioner Gordon, Joe Chill, Scarecrow), Court of Owls (Talon, Grayson), Flashpoint (Martha Wayne, Superman, Grifter, Zoom).