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Escort Boys of Camargue

by Stefan Pinto

Muscular men who fled Russia at the start of the Ukraine war found themselves in dire straits, and as most fitness men do in such situations, sell their bodies for money. Although unexperienced, they begin a profitable — yet dangerous — business. Due to the late hours, many have aged rapidly.
The cold winters of the South of France especially during the night, have been met with a mix of high fashion and #culture, often times creating its own impromptu #FashionForward #exhibits for the nighttime clients, most of whom are married men who peruse gas stations on Sunday nights (fuel costs are lower and most wives are unsuspecting).

Making as much as 3000 euros a night, these entrepreneurs enjoy their careers as imaginary Midjourney AI models.

In an attempt to conquer new ground “Escort Boys” is a much sanitized, yet raunchy French soap now on Amazon Prime. Highlighting France’s changing gender power dynamics with an eye-candy cast and grown-up jokes, Escort Boys looks to build on an interesting momentum as France experiences its most divisive MeToo moment ever around iconic #actor Gerard Depardieu’s downfall.
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