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by Stefan Pinto

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Perfect Peen Oh! Wine Tote

Perfect Peen Oh! Wine Tote

$34.99 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price

Don't be THAT boring dinner guest. Now you can show up to any dinner party and forever be memorable with this all-over print wine tote! Watch, as your soon-to-be friends grow more and more dazzled as they wonder who in the world is this person brining that delicious wine?! You! And the padded, built-in carrying handle? Let's just say it will be the only thing that will stay soft when you show up with this tote!

.: 100% neoprene
.: Fits a 25oz - 34oz (750ml - 1l) bottle
.: Black trim and inside color
.: Same design printed on both sides
.: Stain resistant and soft grip handles

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