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The PintoFactory gift shop is devoted to photography and design and carries a selection of items based on Stefan Pinto’s photos and artwork. It features original designs, using only original photography and is printed on high-quality materials at affordable prices. All made with love. 
Please be advised: this is an “art” site and some items may contain partial or full nudity. Viewer discretion advised.
Smoke + Mirrors "Georgie Porgy" Laptop Sleeve

Smoke + Mirrors "Georgie Porgy" Laptop Sleeve

$44.95 Regular Price
$39.95Sale Price

Protect your laptop in style with this snug, lightweight laptop sleeve featuring the adorable Georgie Porgy image from Stefan Pinto's "Smoke + Mirrors" photo exhibit! The sleeve protects from annoying scratch marks and contains an internal padded zipper. What's more, the interior is fully lined with faux fur. The material is resistant to water, oil, and heat. Do not put in the washing machine.

• 100% neoprene
• Product weig