Stefan Pinto has had the privilege of working with some fine publications including: Forbes, The Advocate, Los Angeles Confidential, Out Traveler, Maxim and more.
Stefan Pinto was trained by NatGeo. Rep: JP Reps - Los Angeles
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October 6, 2018

Miss Universe Belize

Jenelli Fraser was crowned Miss Universe Belize in 2018. Stefan Pinto was asked to photograph her at La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood. 


Miss Universe Belize

January 14, 2016

Gavin Newsom

As part of a month-long series in Out Traveler, Stefan Pinto was invited to meet Gavin Newson and tour Odette Winery.


Odette Estate Winery

March 21, 2016

Boisset Collection

Fortant, a member of the Boisset Collection of wineries, invites Stefan Pinto to Escale a Sete, a bi-annual maritime festival.


JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset

February 23, 2008

National Geographic

A two-week excursion, Stefan Pinto studies with National Geographic as part of NatGeo Expeditions in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Nat Geo Expeditions

December 19, 2018

She Magazine USA

Stefan Pinto photographs Juliana Mafrici for She Magazine USA following her debut in LaBelle mag.


SHE Magazine USA

September 12, 2016

The Advocate Magazine

The Advocate launches a "Secret Life Of..." monthly series and asks Stefan Pinto to photograph the series.


The Advocate Magazine

January 11, 2016

Blackbird Winery

For their "Off the Beaten Path" winery series, Out Traveler asks Stefan Pinto to photograph Blackbird Winery in Napa Valley.


Black Bird Wine Collection

January 26, 2017

The Boulet Brothers

Alright Darling Magazine asks Stefan Pinto to photograph the Boulet Brothers at LACMA as part of their "firm LA fixtures" issue.


Alright Darling

May 24, 2018

Dynamic Dads

Stefan Pinto asked to photograph Dynamic Dads - a six page spread - for Los Angeles Confidential magazine. 


Los Angeles Confidential

March 1, 2018

LaBelle Magazine

Stefan Pinto photographs Cade McWatt (General Hospital) in Los Angeles for LaBelle Magazine.


La Belle Kids & Teen

March 29, 2016

BASIC Magazine

BASIC Magazine asks Stefan Pinto to photograph exclusive BTS images of the shoot of their cover to promote a line of luxury vehicles.


Basic Magazine

September 27, 2016

Here TV

To promote their new streaming series, HERE TV asks Stefan Pinto to photograph BTS images of the filming of each segment.


Here TV

October 13, 2015

Japan’s Ladybaby

Stefan Pinto gets up close and personal with pop-punk curiosity Ladybaby in downtown Los Angeles as part of an exclusive engagement.



January 31, 2019

Los Angeles Confidential

Stefan Pinto asked to photograph the head of BAFTA and the Publisher's Statement for Los Angeles Confidential magazine


Los Angeles Confidential

November 2, 2017

Never-Ending Story

Exclusive for Child Magazine, Stefan Pinto photographs Juliana Mafrici as part of her "Never-Ending Story."


Juliana Mafrici

December 3, 2016

Hollywood Live with Dean

To launch his new on-air segment, Dean McCarthy asks Stefan Pinto to photograph BTS of his interviews with rising Los Angeles personalities.


Dean McCarthy

April 29, 2017


Cynthia Halverson, DragCon photographer, asks Stefan Pinto to be her side-kick photographer as the official photographers of DragCon.


RuPaul's DragCon

August 30,2019

The DARE Project

Stefan Pinto hired to photograph exclusive images for the Outfits picture award recipient.


DARE Short Film



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Stefan Pinto became a male model after he was discovered by a model scout in a South Beach, Miami Whole Foods. He posed naked for Playgirl  magazine in 2007 and was a Playgirl Centerfold. Stefan Pinto is a member of SAG AFTRA. Stefan Pinto is also JoeRodJacks. Stefan Pinto full frontal nude and Stefan Pinto uncut. Stefan Pinto penis. JoeRodJacks
Light and shadow defines Pinto’s photographic style and makes his images true works of art. Los Angeles Confidential 

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