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Oaxaca, Mexico 

by Stefan Pinto

More than a dozen indigenous groups once inhabited the southern region of Mexico now known as Oaxaca. Today, it remains one of the most ethnically diverse states in the country. From the 16th-century Spanish colonial architecture in the Historic Centre of Oaxaca to the vibrant Day of the Dead celebrations that sweep the city each fall. For five days in February, 2008, Stefan Pinto journeyed around Oaxaca photographing its candy-colored buildings; dawn in the city’s historic plaza, the Zocalo; the vibrant variety of unique crafts and textiles and eating some of Mexico's most flavorful dishes in the gorgeous, open-air markets. Here are some of the images Stefan Pinto captured during his life-changing adventure with NatGeo Expeditions.

Stefan Pinto by David Alan Harvey
Stefan Pinto as photographed by his NatGeo instructor, David Alan Harvey.
David Alan Harvey
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